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Fratelli Cosulich orders 2 methanol-ready chemical bunkering tankers

Fratelli Cosulich Group announced in July that it has placed an order for two 7,999 deadweight tonnage IMO2 chemical bunkering tankers at Taizhou Maple Leaf Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., with options to build two more units later on.  


The delivery of the first of these methanol-ready vessels will be in the first half of 2026.


The newbuild vessels are designed to carry a range of cargoes, including fuel oil, biofuels, and methanol in their cargo tanks, enhancing their utility and market potential.


According to Fratelli Cosulich Group, this investment marks another milestone in the company’s commitment to a sustainable and efficient maritime industry and enhanced fleet operational excellence.


“Our commitment to environmental responsibility and technological innovation is fueled by our team’s expertise and a fleet ready to support the transition to sustainable marine energy,” the company said.


Fratelli Cosulich Group’s twin small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker vessels, Alice Cosulich and Paolina Cosulich, are now fully operational, meeting the growing demand from LNG-fueled vessels.


“In addition, we are profoundly diversifying our fleet because we believe in a multifuel future,” the company stated. “Vessels like Marta Cosulich, our first IMO2 chemical bunker vessel capable of delivering biofuel and methanol, and the anticipated 2025 delivery of our second IMO2 chemical bunker vessel, and the first methanol fueled, demonstrate our group’s commitment to this vision. As Fratelli Cosulich Group strives for a cleaner maritime future, our investment in alternative fuels not only meets regulatory requirements but also exemplifies industry leadership.”



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