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Falconer Electronics to manufacture wiring harness for Optimus’ B100 Vector System

Optimus Technologies is partnering with Falconer Electronics in Falconer, New York, to manufacture the primary wiring harness for Optimus’ flagship product, the Vector System, an advanced fuel system technology. The system can upgrade existing diesel engines into near-zero carbon emissions, 100 percent biodiesel engines.

Falconer Electronics (Photo: Optimus Technologies)

The transportation sector accounts for approximately 30 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions in New York State. Reducing emissions is challenging and hard to achieve in a cost-effective manner through electrification or hydrogen. Optimus’ Vector System technology enables heavy-duty diesel engines to reduce scope 1 emissions over 95 percent immediately.

As Falconer continues to scale up, the partnership anticipates creating a significant number of new jobs that will drive additional economic prosperity in the Southern Tier region of New York. To date the partnership has already created seven jobs at Falconer Electronics in areas of production and quality assurance.

“The entire team at Falconer Electronics considers it a privilege to work with the innovative and professional team at Optimus Technologies,” Falconer Electronics stated. “Partnering with Optimus Technologies offers Falconer Electronics a front-row seat to this powerful clean-energy solution with the Vector System. This cutting-edge technology is a game-changer.”

In addition to helping revitalize the Southern Tier, this partnership will create tangible products to address and mitigate the effects of climate change with immediate carbon reduction results.

This initiative is a result of Optimus Technologies participation in the 76West Competition. In 2019, Optimus Technologies won the $1 million grand prize in the competition that was introduced in 2016 as a four-year competition for clean-energy startups in the Southern Tier. Companies like Optimus continue to grow business activity in the region.

Optimus manufactures the Vector System, an advanced fuel system technology that enables diesel engines to operate on 100 percent biodiesel. The Vector System is designed for medium- and heavy-duty fleet applications where emissions reductions are challenging or impossible to achieve in a cost-effective manner through other means. The Vector System integrates into existing operations to facilitate a seamless transition to low-carbon fuels.

Optimus’ Vector System is in use with leading municipal and private fleets throughout the country such as DC Public Works and ADM. Use of the Vector System has enabled these fleets to achieve near-zero carbon emissions, while also reducing their fuel and fleet operating costs.

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