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EU rapeseed imports down 38% in 1st quarter of running crop year

In the first quarter of the running crop year, rapeseed imports to the EU were lower than a year earlier.

The end of the grain-export agreement and the import ban EU neighboring countries imposed on imports of Ukrainian goods are obviously making an impact.

Since the beginning of the crop year, rapeseed imports to EU-27 states have amounted to 1.23 million metric tons, which was down nearly 38 percent on the same period last year.

Ukraine remains the most important country of origin, with exports amounting to 683,000 tons (July 1 to Oct. 15) and a 55 percent share in imports.

According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI), EU imports are set to fall well short of last year’s level of 1.3 million tons in total.

This is due to Russia’s withdrawal from the grain-export agreement in mid-July.

Since then, Ukrainian goods have to be exported via alternative routes such as road, rail or the Danube River.

Consequently, freight charges have risen significantly.

The alternative routes are being expanded continuously, and Brussels supports speedy completion.

But at the same time, the import ban imposed by some EU countries prevents more extensive deliveries.

The second most important supplier of rapeseed in the above-mentioned period was Australia, after Ukraine.

Supply typically dwindles seasonally, but during the period imports actually dropped by more than half to 283,000 tons.

In other words, Australia covered 23 percent of EU rapeseed imports.

Moldova took third place, delivering 181,716 tons.

The country quadrupled its shipments on the previous year’s period.

Most of the rapeseed probably came from Ukraine, since Moldova’s own rapeseed harvest in 2023 was only 65,000 tons.

This allowed Ukraine to circumvent the EU neighboring countries’ ban on imports.



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