• Ron Kotrba

EU agency approves BDI RepCat biodiesel process for recycling high-risk ‘Cat 1’ animal fats

Updated: Apr 20

Photo: BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH

Austria-based process technology pioneer BDI-BioEnergy International hit another milestone with its latest biodiesel innovation, RepCat, as a European governing body has approved using the process as a means to recycle highly contaminated animal fats that pose a risk to the environment. After several years of effort and joint trials with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, the European Food Safety Authority confirms that BDI’s RepCat process is suitable for recycling high-risk Category 1 animal fats. This material, according to the EU, has the highest risk of spreading disease such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy and includes the bovine spinal cord and waste from various animals suspected of carrying a disease, along with catering waste from international transport.

The RepCat process is based on a patented, sustainable technology that employs a recyclable catalyst in the manufacturing of biodiesel, which, according to BDI, increases product quality while reducing the consumption of operating materials. The technology is being deployed at the Crimson Renewable Energy biodiesel plant in California, and last fall Cargill announced construction of a waste-based RepCat biodiesel production facility in Ghent, Belgium, scaled at 35 million gallons per year.

“This success reflects our constant efforts to not only provide the best technical solution for our customers,” said BDI CEO Markus Dielacher, “but also to positively influence the economic framework of biodiesel production so that our customers can generate a market advantage over their competitors.”

Founded in 1996, BDI is celebrating 25 years of biodiesel innovation in 2021. The company built the world’s first commercial biodiesel production manufacturing facilities using waste cooking oil, animal fats and trap grease. BDI services include contract research and process development to authority, basic and detailed engineering, design and commissioning to after-sales service.

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