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Eco Clarity works with UK biodiesel producer to harvest FOG from wastewater

Photo: Argent Energy

The latest Eco Clarity Waste Conversion Hub has been set up in the U.K., at Argent Energy’s site in Stanlow, Ellesmere Port.

Eco Clarity is focused on revolutionizing the way wastewater is handled by turning the process from one of disposal into one of conversion into effectively clean water, by filtering out beneficial oil residues that can then go on to be used as raw material for the production of biodiesel.

Photo: Argent Energy

Eco Clarity has created a patented technology solution that easily collects and separates fat, oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater through an efficient and fully automatic hub system made up of three scalable containers.

The system enables FOG to be separated before it enters the water system and becomes problematic.

The cleaned water is then being reused or safely returned to the waste stream.

In turn, the successfully separated FOG becomes a sustainable raw material that can be used to produce second-generation biodiesel.

Photo: Argent Energy

A standard Eco Clarity hub can handle 10 metric tons of FOG-containing wastewater in 10 minutes, which can then go on to be separated and harvested within 30 minutes.

The hub’s efficient system currently uses just 25 percent of the energy typically used in similar processes, with temperatures never exceeding 60 degrees Celsius to ensure low energy consumption.

The oil recovered goes up from 5 percent to 98 percent concentration after going through the Eco Clarity system, turning it into a desirable raw material for biodiesel production.

Eco Clarity is transforming the wastewater disposal process by extracting a valuable raw material while improving the quality of water that is being disposed.

The first volumes of biodiesel made from the FOG from the Eco Clarity hub have been produced by Argent Energy in Stanlow.

By turning the feedstock into second-generation biodiesel, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel, this material will go on to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by around 90 percent, having a direct impact on the world’s carbon footprint.

Argent says it constantly aims to accept a wide range of highly degraded waste fats, oils and greases to give them a new purpose as high-quality biodiesel to help towards the decarbonization of transport, among other industries.

Through Eco Clarity and Argent Energy, valuable renewable resources have been created from materials that may otherwise have been discarded.



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