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DHL Express, CIMB join forces to reduce carbon emissions through sustainable aviation fuel

From left, Julian Neo, managing director of DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei, welcomes Gurdip Singh Sidhu, CEO of CIMB Malaysia and CIMB Bank Berhad, onboard the GoGreen Plus program. (Photo: DHL Express)

DHL Express has signed an agreement with CIMB Group Holdings Berhad to welcome the banking group onboard its GoGreen Plus program.


The partnership enables CIMB to leverage the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to mitigate the CO2e emissions associated with its international shipments.


Through the partnership, CIMB will deploy the program across Malaysia and Singapore.


DHL Express noted that CIMB recognizes the importance of aligning business interests with climate practice.


In September 2022, the group announced a net-zero-by-2050 goal for scope 3 emissions, emphasizing the indirect greenhouse gases generated through transportation and distribution activities.


DHL’s GoGreen Plus service helps to facilitate a pathway towards cleaner operations and contributes to scaling the wider SAF ecosystem.


SAF is considered the aviation industry’s most promising means of decarbonization.


Made from alternative raw materials such as used cooking oil, waste and hydrogen, SAF cuts approximately 80 percent of carbon emissions for air-transport shipments over its lifecycle compared to conventional jet fuel.


In collaboration with DHL Express, CIMB expects to lower the carbon emissions of its time-definite international air shipments from Malaysia and Singapore by 20 percent via DHL.


An independent auditor, Société Générale de Surveillance, verifies the greenhouse-gas emission reductions to be counted against CIMB’s scope 3 carbon-emission footprint.


“Many of our customers look at sustainability as a business imperative today,” said Ken Lee, the CEO of DHL Express Asia Pacific. “In Asia Pacific alone, more than 12,000 customers have signed up for our GoGreen Plus service and this number continues to grow consistently. As a leading express-logistics company, we always connect people and businesses across borders. GoGreen Plus serves as a vital avenue for businesses to cut carbon emissions, and we are convinced more will come on board.”


Julian Neo, the managing director of DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei, added, “SAF is widely acknowledged as a truly viable route to decarbonizing the aviation sector. There is still significant progress to be made, as SAF makes up only 0.1 percent of aviation fuel consumed today. We are impressed with the leadership CIMB has demonstrated in the sustainability space and we are delighted to have CIMB partner with us for this important initiative. This motivates us to accelerate efforts to promote SAF availability, accessibility and affordability so that our customers realize their environmental ambitions.”


Gurdip Singh Sidhu, the CEO of CIMB Malaysia and CIMB Bank Berhad, said, “Sustainability is a key focus at CIMB and central to that are our 2050 net-zero commitments. In our roadmap to achieve these targets, we have long advocated the need to strategically partner and drive innovative solutions. CIMB is pleased to be partnering with DHL in their sustainable fuel proposition that will help us mitigate our scope 3 carbon emissions and in that regard, help us get closer to our 2050 net-zero commitments. DHL’s innovative solution in bringing such an option to its key clients is commendable and will accelerate the commercialization of such technology.”


Launched in February 2023, GoGreen Plus is among the DHL Group’s initiatives to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, which is made possible by three of the most significant SAF agreements with BP, Neste and World Energy.


The air-freight network accounts for around 70 percent of the company’s carbon footprint, so sustainable air-transportation solutions are crucial for greener logistics.



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