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Crown expands drying, desolventization solutions with new continuous Vacuum Desolventizer Stripper

Photo: Crown

Crown, a global leader in the oilseed-processing industry, introduces its latest innovation for drying and desolventization. Crown’s Vacuum Desolventizer Stripper provides superior, continuous indirect vacuum drying and desolventization for temperature-sensitive products.

Continuous and scalable, Crown’s Vacuum Desolventizer Stripper minimizes product denaturization and discoloration, consumes less steam, and delivers full solvent recovery—allowing customers to achieve the highest-quality, solvent-free product. It also offers a smaller footprint with the desolventizer and stripper contained in one compact unit.

“This new VDS technology builds on Crown’s protein-technology expertise and comprehensive drying and desolventization solutions,” said Kris Knudson, president and general manager of Crown Global Companies. “Crown’s proven technology is used to prepare all types of oilseeds for flour, protein concentrates and protein isolates, and with VDS customers can unlock even more new product innovations.”

In addition to oilseeds, Crown’s drying and desolventization technologies are used to help develop products across numerous specialty segments including plant-based proteins, hemp/CBD, food and beverage, nutraceuticals, botanicals, and pharmaceuticals as well as specialty chemicals.

For new and existing products and processes, Crown helps customers determine their optimal drying and desolventization solution to maximize product yield and minimize process cost. With access to Crown’s Global Innovation Center and state-of-the-art pilot plant, customers can test the evaporation of water or solvent from their raw inputs using Crown’s full range of drying and desolventization equipment in a confidential, real-world environment.

Crown, a division of CPM Holdings Inc., is a 143-year-old, Minnesota-based, global company with additional offices in the U.K., Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, the Netherlands and Russia. Crown currently employs 250 people worldwide.



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