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Clean Fuels releases new Bioheat® fuel trademark agreement

Clean Fuels Alliance America announced July 21 that it has released for immediate review and execution the newest version of its Bioheat® Fuel Trademark License Agreement.

This new agreement has been reviewed and developed cooperatively between both Clean Fuels and the National Oilheat Research Alliance.

The new agreement references Clean Fuels’ new name as well a subtle revision that helps improve the document for both parties.

To simplify the registration process, a website has been developed where current and new registrants may go to access the agreement for review and execution with Clean Fuels staff.

After execution of a completed agreement, registrants will be sent the completed and ready-for-use digital logo files, which include four versions: Bioheat® fuel, Bioheat® Plus fuel, Bioheat® Super Plus fuel and finally Bioheat® fuel, “The Evolution of Oilheat®.”

“We are excited to roll out this agreement for new and existing licensees that will ensure the proper promotion of Bioheat® fuel,” said Brad Shimmens, director of operations and membership for Clean Fuels. “We appreciate consumers and fuel marketers for their commitment to the only liquid heating fuel that can lower carbon emissions, both improving the environment and human health.”

All questions specific to the proper use of the trademarks can be addressed by contacting Brad Shimmens at Clean Fuels by email or phone at 800-841-5849.

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

A more ecofriendly alternative to both traditional heating fuel and natural gas, Bioheat® fuel can be used in existing home heating fuel systems. Bioheat® fuel is available right now and is currently offered in three tiers based on how much biodiesel is in the fuel:

  • Blends ranging from 2 percent to 5 percent biodiesel (B2-B5) are referred to as Bioheat® fuel.

  • B6-B20 blends are referred to as Bioheat® Plus fuel.

  • B21-B100 are referred to as Bioheat® Super Plus fuel.

About Clean Fuels Alliance America

Serving as the coordinating body for research and development in the U.S., the member-driven organization represents the entire biodiesel and renewable diesel supply chain and is comprised of state, national and international feedstock and feedstock-processor organizations, biodiesel and renewable diesel suppliers, fuel marketers, distributors, and technology providers.

Clean Fuels is a nonprofit organization based in Jefferson City, Missouri. State soybean commodity groups, which funded several biodiesel research and development programs with checkoff dollars, founded the National SoyDiesel Development Board in 1992. The board changed its name to the National Biodiesel Board in 1994 to reflect the preferred name for the fuel, since it can be made from any fat or vegetable oil. The board subsequently changed its name in 2021 to Clean Fuels Alliance America to reflect the organization’s position as a proven, innovative part of America’s clean-energy mix, representing all its industry members: biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels.

Membership of Clean Fuels has grown significantly. Starting with seven members in 1992, Clean Fuels now counts for more than 100 companies. These companies vary from Fortune 100 businesses to small, family-owned production firms. This diverse membership has provided a strong base for the industry to solicit and gain the support of Congress. With member companies representing nearly all 50 states, biodiesel and renewable diesel are national commodities.

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