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Catskill Mountain Railroad runs locomotives on 100% biodiesel

Catskill Mountain Railroad No. 401 (Photo: Catskill Mountain Railroad)

The Catskill Mountain Railroad announced June 4 that, in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and harmful emissions from the use of diesel fuel, it is now running its locomotives on 100 percent biodiesel (B100).


The Catskill Mountain Railroad is the first tourist railroad in the United States to convert to 100 percent biodiesel and shows the railroad’s commitment to Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger’s leadership to create the boldest climate agenda in the state of New York.


According to the U.S. DOE, the use of B100 reduces greenhouse-gas emissions by 74 percent compared to regular diesel fuel.


Additionally, it reduces carbon monoxide and particulate emissions by nearly 50 percent and hydrocarbon emissions by nearly 70 percent.


Notably, the composition of the remaining particulates is much less adverse than that from normal diesel as they are biodegradable.


The Catskill Mountain Railroad is being supplied biodiesel by NetZero Biofuels, a Hudson Valley startup founded by local entrepreneur Dave Davenport and located near Newburgh.


NetZero converts thousands of gallons of byproduct soybean oil from farms in Syracuse, New York, which are treated at their production facility in nearby Rock Tavern, New York.


With the Catskill Mountain Railroad being NetZero’s first major commercial customer, it is a win-win for both businesses by supporting a growing Hudson Valley supplier of green energy as well as making the Catskill Mountain Railroad a leader in sustainability in the U.S. railroad-tourism industry.


The Catskill Mountain Railroad, named Best Tourist Attraction of 2023 by the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce, said it is working hard to help achieve the green carbon-neutral goals being encouraged by Ulster County in the environmentally safe operation of its tourist trains.



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