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Caparella, longtime editor and publisher of Render magazine, retiring

After 25 years as editor and publisher of Render magazine, Tina Caparella is retiring Oct. 31. She assumed the role in September 1996 when Render’s first editor and publisher, Frank Burnham, retired after nearly 25 years at the helm. Thanks to tremendous support from various columnists, article contributors, advertisers, and the North American Renderers Association, which owns the publication, Caparella successfully got the international magazine of rendering to its 50th year of publication in 2021.


“I had some pretty big shoes to fill after my grandfather retired, but working with him in various capacities for nearly 20 years prior while also gaining experience at other publications, I was excited to take on the challenge,” Caparella said. “It has been a tremendous honor and experience to work for the incredible rendering industry. I appreciate the support and opportunities over these years, which have flown by. I will miss my rendering family.”

Under Caparella’s leadership, Render went from being primarily distributed in the U.S. and Canada, to now being recognized as the premier global publication for the worldwide rendering industry. Over the years, she has traveled to various meetings both in Europe and Australia covering news, markets, and expanding Render’s reach. Caparella also attended various U.S. conferences, reporting on challenges and opportunities for renderers. She and her husband, John, will continue their full-time recreational vehicle travels across the country they began three years ago.

Sharla Ishmael has been named Render editor and publisher beginning with the upcoming December issue. She brings with her years of publishing experience, primarily in the beef industry, most recently as managing editor of The Cattleman, where she helped transform the editorial quality of the 107-year-old flagship publication of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Ishmael refreshed the quality of writing and coverage of topics in feature articles and columns to engage readers.


“I look forward to getting acquainted with Render’s readers and advertisers and continuing the high level of service to the rendering industry that Tina Caparella has provided for so long,” Ishmael said. “It’s a privilege to take on a publication whose legacy is 50 years of excellence.”

Ishmael also served as managing editor at The Show Circuit magazine for eight years, overseeing both editorial and advertising content of a club-calf publication that averaged 300 pages per issue. In addition, she previously worked as beef quality assurance coordinator and editorial director at Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Ishmael has a bachelor of science in agricultural economics and a master’s degree in agricultural development, both from Texas A&M University. She will publish Render from her home office in the Fort Worth, Texas, area where she lives with her husband, who is also a writer for the beef industry, and two daughters.

Render’s email address will remain the same at, but phone number will change to 888-927-3634.



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