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BP, Maersk Tankers complete marine biofuel trial of 30% biodiesel in 2 vessels

Photo: BP

With support from the Danish Maritime Authority, BP and Maersk Tankers have successfully completed marine biofuel trials using 30 percent biodiesel blended with very low sulfur fuel oil in Maersk Cirrus and Maersk Navigator, product tankers on time-charter to BP from Maersk Tankers. The vessels sailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to West Africa for the trials and tests were carried out to assess the reliability and performance of the B30 blend in each ship’s main engine, auxiliary engine and boiler, and any impact on fuel tanks to determine the level of interchangeability with other fuel types.

No adverse effects to equipment or machinery were observed during or after the trials. No modifications to the engine or infrastructure were required, demonstrating the suitability of sustainable biofuels for use as a drop-in fuel.

BP says it aims to regularly supply biofuel blends for its operated and time-charter vessels when refueling in the Netherlands, subject to owners and flag-state approval.

“At any one time, BP has around 300 ships on the water moving our products around the world,” said Carol Howle, BP’s executive vice president of trading and shipping. “With an ambition to be a net-zero company by 2050 and help the world get there too, it’s vital we help decarbonize this hard-to-abate sector. We’re proud to be working with a partner like Maersk Tankers, to develop new alternative fuels and low carbon solutions that will help accelerate the shipping industry’s energy transition.”

Christian M. Ingerslev, CEO of Maersk Tankers, said, “The need to cut emissions is one of the most important challenges facing shipping right now. We are only able to rise to this challenge if we do it in partnerships and explore a multitude of solutions. With BP, we are combining our expertise to play our part in testing and making alternative fuels available.”



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