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BioD Technology sends 1st bulk shipment of its UAE-made biodiesel to Europe

biodiesel plant in UAE
Photo: BioD Technology

After commissioning its 30,000-metric-ton-per-year (more than 9-million-gallon-per-year) biodiesel plant in Jebel-Ali Free Zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, earlier this year, BioD Technology has begun deliveries of its waste-based biodiesel to Europe.

“I’m delighted to send off the first sizeable batch of our ISCC-certified, REDII compliant biodiesel to demanding customers in Europe,” said Shiva Vig, founder and CEO of BioD Technology. “The supply chain problem, which is a global phenomenon the recent months, has forced us to think out of the box and to find alternative solutions to ISO or Flexi containers. Tri-party cooperation between us, our trading partners, Biogra, and SEOT in Jebel-Ali, ensured that we are able to serve our European customers with efficient bulk shipments.”

Serving EU customers is the first stage in BioD Technology’s strategy for regular business, according to the company. Future plans, with enhanced capacity, will include local UAE customers or those in the broader Middle East North Africa region, including long-term contracts with the maritime industry where carbon- and sulfur-reduction requirements drive ship owners to add biofuel into their bunkering fuels.



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