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BASF increases sodium-methylate production capacity in South America

BASF's Guaratinguetá Chemical Complex in Brazil. (Photo: BASF)

BASF’s monomers division announced a production-capacity increase for sodium methylate July 3 at its latest customer event in Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, Brazil.


In the second quarter, the company increased the nameplate capacity of its sodium-methylate plant in Guaratinguetá to 90,000 metric tons per year.


During the event, BASF shared with customers local initiatives from its Guaratinguetá production site, as well as its perspective on sodium-methylate production.


In his keynote speech, Ramkumar Dhruva, president of BASF’s monomers division, underlined the strategic value of the expansion.


“This capacity increase is another step of our business expansion for sodium methylate in the South American region and underlines our commitment to our customers and the South American biodiesel market,” Dhruva said. “Together with our long-term partners, we will continue our way to create sustainable value for the region.”  


Alejandro Ludovico Bossio Grassi, the director of BASF’s monomers division in South America, added, “I am very happy to celebrate this important expansion together with our customers and I am looking forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions for the region together. With sustainability in the minds of more and more organizations within South America, we see the market for biodiesel quickly expanding. We want to help our customers to grow their business while lowering their environmental impact. With this expansion, we ensure the continuous supply of sodium methylate.”


During the customer event, participants had the opportunity to tour the site and learn about the Guaratinguetá Chemical Complex, which opened in 1959.


Besides the sodium-methylate plant, the site is home for 12 other production plants, ranging over more than 1,500 solutions and products such as crop protection, raw materials for adhesives, resins, paints, detergents, cosmetics, solutions for the automotive market, among others.


Brazil is one of the world leaders in the use and production of biofuels, like biodiesel.


Its development has been leveraged by the established legislations to mix a percentage of biodiesel with petroleum diesel, not only promoting productivity and more sustainability in heavy-duty transport but also helping different regions to create more economic opportunities for local citizens and companies.


Sodium methylate is an efficient and reliable catalyst that provides a more sustainable solution for the production and use of biodiesel, meeting the requirements of engine manufacturers for high-quality fuels and lower emissions.


Sodium methylate supports higher yields and low preparation cost for biodiesel.



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