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Argent Energy, Port of Amsterdam jointly invest 20 million euros in port facilities

Photo: Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam and biodiesel producer Argent Energy Nederland are jointly investing 20 million euros in new port facilities in Amsterdam’s Hornhaven.

The development of new port facilities makes it possible to substantially scale up the production of sustainable transportation fuels, which contributes to the sustainability ambitions of both the port and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Port of Amsterdam and Argent Energy expect construction to start in early 2022 and to be completed by mid-2024. The new facilities will consist of two loading and unloading quays to replace the current jetties at Argent’s biodiesel plant in the Hornhaven. The new quays will be suitable for inland vessels, coasters and seagoing vessels with a draft of up to 9 meters and a length of 147 meters. In addition, for larger vessels, including MR1 vessels, a new jetty will be built for vessels with a draft of up to 12 meters and length of up to 185 meters.

Land reclamation will create 1 hectare of new terrain, which Argent Energy will use for the construction of a 130,000-square-meter storage facility for renewable products, such as biodiesel based on organic waste streams. This allows the company to scale up its storage capacity to around 230,000 square meters. With this expansion, the company will become one of the largest storage locations for renewable fuels.

“The new facilities make it possible for Argent Energy to make an important contribution to the Dutch and Amsterdam objectives in the field of making transport more sustainable and scaling up green hydrogen,” said Koen Overtoom, CEO of Port of Amsterdam.

Erik Rietkerk, CEO of Argent Energy, added, “Port of Amsterdam has always been willing to look for ways to make this project possible together with Argent. Argent’s expansion and sustainability plans are fully in line with the ambitions of both the port and the municipality of Amsterdam.”

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