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Amaggi to have largest agricultural road fleet powered by 100% biodiesel

Photo: Amaggi

Brazilian agribusiness and biodiesel producer Amaggi recently announced that, after a long period of approved tests, the company invested in acquiring 100 trucks completely ready to run on 100 percent biodiesel (B100).


The result, according to Amaggi, will be the largest road fleet of agricultural trucks fueled with B100.


The important action is part of the company’s decarbonization strategy, in line with Amaggi’s Science Based Targets initiative goal of reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions by 2035.


The new trucks are from Scania, model 500 R 6×4 Super.


The 100 vehicles powered by B100 should be delivered starting in May 2024.


“Amaggi has been a pioneer in the use of sustainable-logistics modes, such as in the river navigation of the northern arch, and we understand that the use of biodiesel is in the same direction, meeting the objectives of decarbonization of the company’s operations,” said Judiney Carvalho, Amaggi’s CEO. “We look to the future, with the expansion not only of the road fleet powered by B100 but also with the extension of the use of this fuel for the river fleet, tractors and other agricultural machinery that Amaggi has tested for years. We dream of one day having our entire fleet 100 percent fueled with biodiesel, and we are going to prepare the company for that.”


Simone Montagna, president and CEO of Scania Commercial Operations Brazil, said, “This is a major historic purchase to impact the market, as it is our first sale of trucks powered by 100 percent original factory biodiesel. Amaggi and Scania are concerned about enabling a more sustainable transport ecosystem. The entire sustainable cycle is complete in this example of success, as Amaggi itself owns the biodiesel factory. The tests were satisfactory, and the vehicle is fully prepared to receive the fuel.”


The B100 Amaggi uses in its fleet comes from the company’s biodiesel factory.


Photo: Amaggi

The plant, which began operating in 2023, is located in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso, where the company already operates a crush facility from which the feedstock originates for biodiesel manufacturing.


The biodiesel factory is estimated to produce 97 million gallons per year.



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