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Aemetis buys property for operations supporting its Carbon Zero projects

Aemetis Inc. has acquired an 8.5-acre piece of property not far from its Keyes ethanol plant for $2 million, which the company announced April 4 is a strategic location for operations supporting its Carbon Zero projects—including renewable natural gas (RNG) and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).

The site is adjacent to the existing Aemetis biogas pipeline and only a half mile from both California Highway 99, the major north-south route that runs through California’s Central Valley, and the Union Pacific Railroad.

Aemetis has completed construction and is currently commissioning a centralized gas-cleanup facility and utility-gas interconnect at the Keyes ethanol plant where dairy biogas will be upgraded to RNG and injected into the utility gas pipeline through an interconnection with PG&E.

“The acquisition of the property is a key milestone in our RNG and CCS project plans,” said Eric McAfee, Aemetis chairman and CEO. “The site’s location close to the Keyes ethanol plant, adjacent to the existing Aemetis biogas pipeline and easily accessible to major highways is a major step toward deploying new and ongoing Carbon Zero activities.”

The Carbon Zero project in Riverbank, California, is anticipated to ultimately produce 90 million gallons of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel per year once both phases of development are complete, according to Aemetis.

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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
21 dic 2023

Aemetis' recent property investment marks a strategic move in bolstering its operations to support the ambitious Carbon Zero projects. The acquisition underlines the company's commitment to sustainability and aligns with its green initiatives. By purchasing property tailored to accommodate the needs of these projects, Aemetis demonstrates a forward-looking approach to fostering environmental responsibility. Notably, the involvement of Forest Knight, renowned experts in property investment, adds a layer of assurance to the venture. Their expertise in real estate investments enhances the viability of Aemetis' endeavors, potentially paving the way for innovative solutions and advancements in the pursuit of a carbon-neutral future.

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