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ABFA urges Senate EPW committee to adopt all-of-the-above approach to national clean-fuels program

The Advanced Biofuels Association President Michael McAdams issued the following statement Feb. 14 in response to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works’ hearing on “The Future of Low Carbon Transportation Fuels and Considerations for a National Clean Fuels Program,” scheduled for Feb. 15.

“It is unfortunate that the Senate EPW Committee will not feature representatives from the advanced biofuels industry during tomorrow’s hearing on low-carbon transportation fuels and the need for a national clean-fuels program,” McAdams said. “Advanced biofuels offer strong potential to reduce emissions from all modes of the U.S. transportation sector, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable gasoline, renewable diesel, biodiesel, and renewable gas.

“Given the urgency of the issue at hand, we urge policymaking bodies like the EPW to pursue an all-of-the-above strategy that includes technologies proven to reduce transportation-based emissions like advanced biofuels.

“We support Chairman Carper’s efforts to reduce transportation-based carbon emissions. But we urge the senator and the committee to consider the full scope of America’s low-carbon transportation fuel infrastructure in pursuit of their goal, including the advanced biofuels that are proven to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by as much as 80 percent.

“In the near term, one step that Chairman Carper and the EPW Committee could take to support the production of low-carbon liquid transportation fuels would be to urge the EPA to increase the renewable volume obligations for the 2023-’25 Renewable Fuel Standard program to accurately reflect the volumes of advanced biofuels available in the market and uphold the intention of Congress’ RFS program.”

Panel 1 of the hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Eastern time Feb. 15, and features three speakers:

  • Michael J. Graff, chairman and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings Inc.

  • Geoff Cooper, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association

  • Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Association


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