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Yasama, Inpex trial renewable diesel in bus on Japan’s Honshu Island

Photo: Inpex Corp.

Yamasa Co. Ltd. and Inpex Corp., in cooperation with Alpico Kotsu Co. Ltd., jointly conducted a trial operation of a bus fueled by renewable diesel on a public road from Norikura Kogen to Mount Tatamidaira in Nagano Prefecture on Japan’s Honshu Island, Inpex announced Aug. 1.

Norikura Kogen is the first registered “Zero Carbon Park” promoted by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

The renewable diesel was procured by Itochu Corp. from Finland-based Neste Corp., a leading global producer of renewable fuel, and supplied by Itochu Enex Co. Ltd. to Inpex.

Renewable diesel is made from 100 percent renewable raw materials and reduces greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by up to 90 percent compared with petroleum-based diesel on a lifecycle-assessment basis.

Renewable diesel is fully compatible with all diesel engines and is a proven solution for the decarbonization of trucks and buses.

The fuel is drop-in ready and does not require modification of existing vehicles or fueling-related facilities.

Renewable diesel, also referred to as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), is already commonly used mainly in Europe and the United States.

As a next-generation renewable fuel that can minimize introductory costs associated with decarbonization measures and contribute significantly to the reduction of GHG emissions, renewable diesel is expected to be more widely utilized in land transportation.

The three companies will continue to work together to explore zero-carbon initiatives and aim to lead decarbonization efforts in the region.

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