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XBX Exploring Biodiesel regional seminars return with 2 new events this summer

The popular XBX Exploring Biodiesel regional seminars, sponsored by the National Oilheat Research Alliance and Clean Fuels Alliance America, are returning after a hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two new two-day XBX events are scheduled this summer.

The first event will be held July 26-27 in Needham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, at the Sheraton Needham hotel.

The second is planned for Greenwich, Connecticut, about 35 miles from New York City, at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich.

“We invite you to join us for an interactive Bioheat® fuel event where the most important piece of the puzzle is you,” the event organizers stated. “The future of the fuels industry is reaching a crossroads and it’s imperative to determine the path forward. We need your help to map it out.”

With three landmark Bioheat® mandates passed across the Northeast, Clean Fuels CEO Donnell Rehagen said there is plenty to celebrate.

“But there is also plenty of work to be done as we continue to encourage political acceptance of a common-sense clean-energy solution,” Rehagen added.

Steve Howell, a fellow at both ASTM and AOCS, said, “If you are interested in implementing the easiest, most cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, this session on biodiesel put on by some of the industry’s leading experts will give you all you need to know.”

The XBX events in July and August each feature two days of content, and attendees can register for one or both days. Registration is free of charge.

Day one features a boot camp for customer-service representatives (CSR) to help train them to talk with homeowners about the benefits of Bioheat® fuel.

Along with service technicians, CSRs are on the frontline and represent the voice of their organizations. They are often the primary interface between homeowners and the company, the liaison between the liquid-fuels industry and the consumer.

The CSR Bootcamp is designed to provide a stronger level of comfort in communicating the benefits of the liquid-heating industry to the consumer.

During this workshop, attendees will receive advanced training in:

  • Sharing the benefits of today’s liquid heating, because comfort is everything

  • Creating a higher value proposition for businesses in the eyes of their customers

  • Communicating the value of equipment-upgrade rebates provided through the Inflation Reduction Act and NORA

  • Understanding and being able to communicate the liquid-heating industry’s advancements in decarbonization through biodiesel blending

  • How to turn a pricing question into a new customer

Space is limited at the CSR Bootcamp to five people per company.

Day two features a High Blends Infrastructure Workshop, a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with industry peers, thought leaders and stakeholders to discuss how to prepare the entire liquid-fuels supply chain—including biodiesel producers, fuel wholesalers, heating-oil dealers, equipment manufacturers, transport companies, and fuel-tank manufacturers—for the receipt, blending, storage, transport, marketing and consumption of Bioheat® fuel blends beyond B20.

“It’s critical that we come together and form a plan to keep our businesses relevant in a renewable landscape,” the event organizers stated.

The high-blends infrastructure session will include:

  • Interactive workshops

  • Collaborative discussions

  • Speakers and panelists from each stage of the supply chain

  • Follow-up CSR Bootcamp

A continental breakfast and lunch are provided to attendees each day.

“Renewable diesel and biodiesel are reshaping how diesel-fuel markets work,” said Gene Gebolys, president and CEO of World Energy. “If diesel supply is important to you, you should come and learn about how these changes are happening, why they are happening, and what it all means for how you do your work.”

XBX will take a deep dive into the supply chain’s epicenter, said Paul Nazzaro, supply-chain manager for Clean Fuels.

“The program will prepare buyers, sellers and end users to understand how the supply chain impacts fuels and how they can establish defenses to circumvent downstream challenges before they develop,” Nazzaro added.

Tim Keaveney, executive vice president of business development with Hero BX, said, “This is the most comprehensive biodiesel educational seminar available anywhere in the nation. If you consume, market, trade or distribute diesel fuel, this is a can’t-miss event.”

For more information, and to register free of charge, click here.



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