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Wolf Material Handling Systems joins BDO Zone Strategic Alliance

A Wolf MHS-designed system for material handling of woody biomass (Photo: Wolf Material Handling Systems)

Ecostrat announced Sept. 21 that Wolf Material Handling Systems has joined the BDO Zone Strategic Alliance as a member of the Supply Chain Group.

The BDO Zone Initiative is an economic-development platform that enables local communities to deploy powerful economic development tools—Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone Ratings—to drive, accelerate, and catalyze biobased investment and commercial project development in BDO Zones.

BDO Zone Strategic Alliance partners are leading companies in the bioenergy sector that help accelerate and de-risk biobased project development in BDO Zones.

“Wolf Material Handling Systems is honored to join the BDO Zone Strategic Alliance, which serves a pivotal role in advancing the bioeconomy,” said Howard Brockhouse, sales and marketing manager with Wolf MHS. “Wolf specializes in material-handling solutions, a critical component typically representing 10 percent of a project’s capital expenditure—yet its significance lies in its essential role in securing operational efficiency and overall project profitability. Wolf is poised to embrace its role as a supply-chain partner, dedicated to supporting biobased project development within BDO Zones.”

Jordan Solomon, chairman of the BDO Zone Initiative and president of Ecostrat, added, “The BDO Zone Initiative welcomes Wolf MHS as a critical strategic partner supporting the establishment of new biobased manufacturing plants within BDO Zones. The BDO Zone Strategic Alliance functions as a trusted network that BDO Zones can depend on to not only kickstart new projects but also ensure their smooth operations. Wolf’s extensive experience and longstanding history unquestionably offer invaluable resources to BDO Zones nationwide.”

U.S. biomass is an economic-development engine with the potential to create 160,000 new jobs and nearly $15 billion of economic benefit.

In Canada, the national economic-impact potential is estimated at over $1.48 billion annually.

The BDO Zone Initiative can help North America realize this potential by identifying and rating the best areas in North America for new plants that make bioenergy, advanced biofuels, biobased heat and power, biomaterials, and clean hydrogen.

Established in 1978, Wolf Material Handling Systems traces its origins to the paper mills of Minnesota and has since expanded into diverse sectors, including power generation, mining and waste management.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation, Wolf has made significant advancements in gasification and renewable energy projects.

In 2004, Wolf forged a pivotal partnership with the Hoffmann Group, significantly augmenting its capacity to provide comprehensive engineering services, equipment manufacturing and fabrication.

This collaboration enhances Wolf’s ability to serve an expanding customer base while maintaining a resolute dedication to innovation and client partnerships.

With 45 years of industry experience, Wolf Material Handling Systems stands as a nationally recognized leader in complete in-house engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, installation, and after-sale services for bulk-material handling.

The company delivers end-to-end solutions, from concept to commissioning, adeptly addressing the unique challenges associated with various bulk materials.

Backed by the Wolf Performance Guarantee, the company takes complete responsibility for system design and supply, and it offers system inspections and consultations to optimize material flow and reduce operating costs for its clients.

A BDO Zone rating is a standards-based technical risk assessment of biomass feedstock, supply chain, and infrastructure attributes of a region with respect to the feasibility and development potential of new biofuel, renewable chemical, biogas, bioproduct, or clean-hydrogen plants.

BDO Zone ratings help regions and communities attract new biobased project development and participate in the growing global bioeconomy by demonstrating the maturity of local biomass supply chains and whether they are developed enough to support biobased manufacturing without excessive risk.

Ecostrat is a North American leader in supplying biomass due diligence for biofuels, renewable chemicals, biogas, and bioproduct project development and finance.

Ecostrat led the U.S. DOE/BETO-funded project to develop the new investment Standards and Ratings for Biomass Supply Chain Risk, which were subsequently used in the development of the CSA W209:21 Biomass supply chain risk National Standard of Canada.

The Advisory Group combines the BSCR Standards with powerful predictive analytics to understand and minimize supply chain risk. The Biomass Supply Group has 25 years of experience in sourcing and supplying more than 5 million tons of biomass feedstock for bioenergy, biofuel, and biochemical projects across North America.



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