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West Coast Biofuel to supply renewable diesel for USC Los Angeles power generation

Photo: West Coast Biofuel

West Coast Biofuel announced in mid-August that it has secured a contract with the University of Southern California Los Angeles Department of Public Works for the supply of renewable diesel to fuel a total of 16 megawatts of power generated by state-of-the-art generators.

“This remarkable achievement not only underscores the company’s professionalism and robust supply capabilities but also highlights the transformative impact of its ecofriendly approach,” stated West Coast Biofuel.

The partnership between West Coast Biofuel and USC’s Department of Public Works marks a pivotal moment in renewable energy deployment, the company added.

“By providing renewable diesel to power the massive 1-megawatt generators, West Coast Biofuel showcases its commitment to driving environmental sustainability on a grand scale,” West Coast Biofuel stated.

“With their cutting-edge technology, the generators are set to bring about substantial air-emissions reductions, making a significant contribution to improving air quality for the residents of Los Angeles County,” the company said.

West Coast Biofuel added that the collaboration not only demonstrates its dedication to delivering clean-energy solutions, but it also “highlights the company’s prowess in securing prominent contracts within the renewable energy sector.”

As the global shift towards cleaner alternatives gains momentum, West Coast Biofuel said this achievement “sets a high standard for both supply capabilities and environmental impact, pointing the way toward a greener and more sustainable future.”



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