• Ron Kotrba

Welcome to Biobased Diesel Daily

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

After having parted ways with Biodiesel Magazine in August after more than 15 years, I am proud to debut the first of my new ventures, Biobased Diesel Daily and the forthcoming suite of Biobased Diesel products, published under RonKo Media Productions LLC.

Building on my nearly 16 years of biodiesel and renewable diesel industry-specific coverage, and my nearly 20 years of professional writing experience, I look forward to continue providing you with targeted industry news, unrivaled perspective, in-depth feature articles and even a bit of comic relief now and again on the fast-growing biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) sectors of the on- and off-road heavy-duty, aviation, power, heating and related fuels markets.

It has been tremendously exciting to witness U.S. biodiesel production and markets grow 10-fold in the past decade and a half, from just a couple of hundred million gallons per year when I began my journey with biodiesel in 2005 to more than 2 billion gallons of productive capacity and consumption. Moreover, global growth has been equally impressive, with international biodiesel, renewable diesel and SAF projects continuing to develop on all six populated continents.

It is this growth, along with the thoughts and considerations that bolster and challenge it, and your individual stories of progress and achievements fueling the dream, that inspired me to continue on this journey of mine―of ours.

For more information about the market conditions that led to the launch of Biobased Diesel Daily, along with details about me and my experience, visit the "About Us" section on biobased-diesel.com.

To reach out to me, click the "Contact" tab under "More" on how to write, email or call.

Fully recognizing that many, if not most, of us receive our news and information on our phones these days, biobased-diesel.com is a mobile-friendly site.

Meanwhile, if you have story ideas for me, including news or updates on your projects, plants, technologies or companies, or if you have articles you have written that you would like me to consider for publication, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am eager to hear from you.

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