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Washoe County, Nevada, adds 17 biodiesel-electric hybrid buses

Photo: Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County

Seventeen of 19 new buses being purchased this month by the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, Nevada, where Reno is located, are New Flyer biodiesel-electric hybrids. The agency vows that 80 percent of its transit fleet will be fueled by alternatives this year. RTC’s goal is to have 100 percent of its fleet running on alternative fuels by 2035.

Federal funds are being used to purchase the new buses, which will replace aging vehicles.

Since 2010, the RTC has reduced total facility energy use by 25 percent, criteria air pollutants per unlinked passenger trip by 13.1 percent, and increased its recycling rate to 33 percent, according to the county.

In 2017, the RTC board adopted a sustainability plan to guide the agency on sustainability. The plan establishes goals to continue to reduce fuel consumption, improve air quality, and minimize the carbon footprint of RTC operations.

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