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US EPA spotlights Veriflux’s feedstock-traceability platform

Veriflux is a traceability platform capable of tracing waste, such as used cooking oil shown here, from the point of origin to the fuel producer.

Veriflux, an end-to-end platform for renewable fuel feedstock traceability, was spotlighted recently by the U.S. EPA as part of its success story on the funding of technologies that improve recycling, reduce emissions, and improve the circular economy.

Veriflux was one of six U.S. businesses highlighted in the article, each funded by EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research program.

The Veriflux platform in use, as part of the waste-to-energy pilot with New York City and Waste Management.

As noted in the story, companies and governments alike are turning to technology to enable traceability of recycled waste, including materials recycled for use as feedstock in biofuels such as biodiesel, renewable diesel, biogas and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Veriflux is a traceability platform capable of tracing wastes, fats and oils—such as used cooking oil, brown grease, tallow and more—from the point of origin to the fuel producer.

This provides stakeholders across even the most complex of supply chains with the critical data needed to help comply with federal and state regulations, as well as to help lower carbon-intensity (CI) scores.

With EPA SBIR support, Veriflux was able to identify additional types of waste and feedstocks that can be traced with the system including food waste, plastics and other future potentially renewable materials.

Veriflux has also launched a pilot with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and Waste Management of New York LLC to identify the source, and quantify the energy value of grease-trap food waste.

The pilot showcases the value of a platform like Veriflux, and the ability for technology and data to empower sustainability, circularity and traceability across waste, recycling and renewable energy supply chains.

The full EPA story can be found here.



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