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Total Energies completes 1st marine biofuel bunker delivery in Singapore

Photo: Total Energies

Total Energies Marine Fuels has carried out its first marine bio-VLSFO (very low sulfur fuel oil) bunker delivery in Singapore’s port waters, as part of a biofuel trial recently completed by NYK Line and Anglo American.

During the operation, a B10 biofuel blend that composed of VLSFO blended with 10 percent second-generation, waste-based and ISCC-certified methyl ester biodiesel made from used cooking oil was supplied via ship-to-ship transfer to MT Friendship, a bulk carrier owned by Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. and chartered by NYK Line to transport cargo provided by Anglo American. The biofuel was consumed during her two-way voyage between Singapore and Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

The biodiesel, sourced from the circular economy, can achieve more than 80 percent reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared with heavy fuel oil from a well-to-wake analysis. Consequently, the delivered B10 blend provides a reduction of up to 10 percent in GHG emissions. The trial also showed that the biofuel can be safely used in relevant marine applications without any modifications. These results, coupled with the vessel’s smooth operational performance throughout the trial, demonstrate the potential of biofuels in assisting shipowners to meet the International Maritime Organization’s carbon emissions reduction targets.

Total Energies Marine Fuel’s successful biofuel delivery also underlines its efforts in setting up a local biofuel supply chain for this trial, including land storage, blending and the eventual bunkering operation. The local operation was made possible with support from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the involvement of local partners, including Singapore bunker barging company V-Bunkers and tank storage company Vopak Terminals Singapore at Penjuru.

This biofuel delivery forms part of Total Energies Marine Fuels’ drive to develop a range of fuel solutions to help the shipping industry’s move towards decarbonization.

“We are delighted to partner with NYK Line and Anglo American for our first marine biofuel delivery in Singapore,” said Laura Ong, general manager of trading and operations for Asia Pacific, Total Energies Marine Fuels, based in Singapore. “This trial has allowed us to initiate the structuring of a supply chain with local expertise to create a sustainable, cost-efficient and low-carbon biofuel offer for the shipping sector in the region. We will continue to conduct more bespoke trials with our customers and to ultimately provide a scalable solution of this lower-carbon marine fuel.”



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