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Topsoe technology to reduce customers’ GHG emissions by 12 million metric tons this year

Topsoe’s technologies are set to reduce its customers’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 12 million metric tons in 2022 alone. These reductions will not be one-offs but ongoing for the years to come.

The key driver is Topsoe’s renewable fuels solutions, producing low-carbon fuels from waste and biomass.

This year’s GHG reduction target reflects the company’s ambition to take the lead on decarbonization and its commitment to The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal No. 13 on climate action.

“Effectively reducing carbon emissions requires a coordinated effort from individual countries, companies and citizens,” said Roeland Baan, Topsoe CEO. “At Topsoe, we are ready to take the lead in accelerating those efforts. We have made it our mission to reduce our customers’ emissions by 12 million tons this year, and we will continue this work beyond 2022. Renewable fuels like renewable jet fuel and diesel are vital components in solving the net-zero equation, to transform the global economy into one that is not dependent on fossil fuels.”

The 12-million-ton target is equivalent to removing 8 percent of the emissions from the EU’s entire aviation industry.

“The reductions will primarily come from Topsoe’s renewable fuels business,” the company stated. “Today, Topsoe is the global market leader in renewable diesel made from waste and biomass feedstock. We see a growing demand for renewable and low-carbon solutions from the heavy-duty transport sector as well as from the aviation and shipping sectors. The key driver of Topsoe’s renewable fuels business is its patented HydroFlex™ technology, which can produce renewable gasoline, jet fuel and diesel from almost any feedstock, including waste-fractions, tall oil, used cooking oil, animal fats, and vegetable oils.”

Topsoe stated it also has a leading position in “blue” technologies, where CO2 from the production of hydrogen and ammonia is captured and stored safely underground, and in developing power-to-X solutions enabling decarbonization of the hard-to-abate sectors such as steel, cement, and mining from electrolysis.

The 12-million-ton target

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are measured as carbon dioxide equivalents, or CO2

  • To be categorized as reductions in 2022, the projects need to have reached certain stages of maturity during 2022

  • In 2021, Topsoe succeeded in reducing its customers’ emissions by 10 million tons

Facts on Topsoe’s renewable fuels business

  • Topsoe has won 80 percent of all the renewable fuels contracts globally

  • Six renewable fuels’ plants (diesel and jet) in the U.S. and EU are already operational and running on Topsoe technology

  • By 2025, 20 million vehicles will run on renewable diesel made using Topsoe technology

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