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The Philippines plans to increase biodiesel requirement from 2% to 5% in 2026

The Philippines is preparing to increase its biodiesel-blending requirement in stages from 2 percent to 5 percent starting this summer, according to draft regulations posted on the Philippines’ Department of Energy website Dec. 29.


According to the documents, beginning July 1, all diesel fuel distributed and sold by every oil company in the country must contain 3 percent biodiesel.


On the same date in 2025, this increases to 4 percent.


Come July 1, 2026, the Philippines will require 5 percent biodiesel blended in all diesel fuel sold in the country.


According to the country’s energy department, it conducted consultations with stakeholders, specifically the biofuel producers and the downstream oil industry, on the implementing guidelines for the new blend requirements.


Section 9 (c) of the Biofuels Act provides that the National Biofuels Board is authorized to review and recommend to DOE the adjustment in the minimum mandated biofuels blends.


Through a resolution approved Nov. 28, NBB recommended to the energy department increasing the biodiesel mandate to the levels as described above.


The B2 requirement was mandated by the energy department in 2009.


The downstream oil industry is advised to make the proper preparations to ensure the managerial and operational requirements for the transition to the higher blend.


This includes sufficient and compatible storage capacity to accommodate the expected increase in biofuel supply; sufficient blending capabilities and implementation of accurate blending procedures; and sufficient and compatible transport systems to accommodate the delivery of higher biofuel blends.


Biodiesel producers are being advised to ensure they have access to sufficient feedstock—coconut oil—as well as sufficient and compatible storage capacity to accommodate the expected increase in biofuel supply.


The energy department is also approving sale of E20—20 percent ethanol-blended gasoline—on a voluntary basis throughout the Philippines.


A public-comment period on the draft regulations closes Jan. 10.



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