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Targray completes expansion of headquarters near Montreal

Photo: Targray

Targray announced April 11 the completion of its new world headquarters, a move the company said is a significant milestone in its growth and mission to support the global transition to clean energy.


The company, which has been based in the city of Kirkland just west of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, since 2008, leveraged its office’s existing footprint by transforming 20,000 square feet of warehouse space into a vibrant, modern workplace able to accommodate 70 additional employees.


Rows of fully ergonomic workstations line the ground floor’s open-design concept, with a combination of collaborative and quiet spaces dotted around the perimeter that encourage teamwork, wellness and productivity.


The ground floor also includes a dedicated yoga studio, as well as an employee lounge featuring arcade-style games, a self-serve coffee bar and beer taps, and a custom mural by Montreal artist Ryan Labrosse.


Spacious meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge soundproofing and technology systems occupy the second-floor mezzanine, which features natural color palettes and furnishings that seamlessly combine comfort and function in a modern yet timeless aesthetic.


Targray said its head-office expansion project, which first broke ground in 2022, is a demonstration of how sustainable construction and design can improve a building’s efficiency and reduce environmental impact on the community.


The project involved the addition of numerous ecofriendly features including a 4,000-square-foot outdoor collaboration space, electric-vehicle charging stations (free for all employees), and one of the largest solar rooftops in Greater Montreal.


Light fixtures using motion detection were installed along with low-flow washroom-plumbing fixtures and accessories with motion sensors.


A sprawling raised podium runs the length of the main floor and borders a formerly windowless wall, where low-emissivity (low-E) glass panels were installed and now make up a full-height exterior glazing-curtain wall with solar-energy blocking properties.


In addition to the integration of indoor trees and plants throughout the expansion, Targray intends to plant over 100 new trees on its property over the course of the next two years.


The company headquarters are situated within walking distance of the newly constructed Réseau express métropolitain (REM), an automated light-rail transit system with 26 universally accessible stations across Greater Montreal.


The nearest stop (Kirkland Station) is expected to come online in the fourth quarter.


Targray said its headquarters expansion represents a major step forward that embodies the company’s commitment to sustainability but also reflects its continued growth and evolution as a key player in the renewable energy and advanced-materials sector.


With offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia supporting eight business divisions, Targray said it continues to create value across the supply chain by expanding its portfolio of products and solutions in markets across the globe.


“Rooted in our steadfast dedication to sustainability, this exciting new space embodies our vision for a greener future while nurturing productivity and collaboration among our growing team,” said Targray President Andrew Richardson.


Targray is a leading global provider of commodities and advanced materials for the renewable fuels, solar, battery and sustainable agriculture sectors.


Supported by a vast rail fleet and terminal network, the company is an international leader in the sourcing, transportation, storage, trading and supply of biofuels and feedstock.


Its innovative solutions help energy suppliers meet the growing demand for low-carbon transportation fuels.


Targray’s environmental-commodities business offers leading expertise in environmental products and services including renewable energy certificates, carbon credits, and offsets for voluntary and compliance carbon markets around the world.


Since being established in Montreal in 1987, the company said it has worked with partners in over 50 countries to create sustainable value across the supply chain.


“The company is committed to delivering solutions that help reduce the world’s carbon footprint while enabling customers to create safer, more reliable products for consumers around the world,” Targray stated.



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