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Sypris receives order for BP Cherry Point renewable diesel optimization project

An example of Sypris Technologies' Tube Turns® Tool-less® closure. (Photo: Sypris Technologies)

Sypris Solutions subsidiary Sypris Technologies has received an order for a specialty high-pressure closure for use in a renewable diesel optimization project at BP’s Cherry Point Refinery, where the oil company has been capable of coprocessing renewable diesel since 2018.

“The Tube Turns® Tool-less® closure has been chosen for filtration systems to upgrade the Cherry Point Refinery,” the company stated. “These closures will be 60 inches in diameter, weigh approximately 4.3 tons each and will be weld-overlaid with 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.”

Brett Keener, general manager of Sypris Technologies, said, “Sypris continues to be a leader in supplying high-pressure specialty closures to support major energy projects around the world. By leveraging our extensive engineering design and manufacturing expertise, we believe we are uniquely qualified to support these types of demanding requirements. We are proud to be a part of helping to meet our nation’s energy requirements while providing cleaner fuels and a reduced carbon footprint.”

BP’s Cherry Point Refinery can process up to 236,000 barrels of crude oil a day. The Washington-based refinery completed a 22-month modernization project in 2019 to help reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Over the past decade, BP has invested more than $1.5 billion in capital improvements at the refinery. Cherry Point is the top supplier of jet fuel to Seattle, Portland and Vancouver international airports.

Earlier this year, the state of Washington passed a low carbon fuel standard, which requires carbon intensity of fuels to be reduced 20 percent by 2038 and ties this to in-state biofuel production.

Shipment of Sypris’ high-pressure closure to the BP Cherry Point Refinery is expected to be completed this year.



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