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Site of World Energy GH2 hosts historic Canada-Germany accord on hydrogen supply

From left, Risley, Trudeau, Gebolys, Paddick and Scholz (Photo: World Energy)

Canada and Germany entered into an agreement Aug. 23 to stimulate the development of green hydrogen production in Canada for supply to Germany at what is scheduled to be Canada’s first large-scale green hydrogen facility.

World Energy GH2 officially launched its project to invest $12 billion in Newfoundland and Labrador to produce green hydrogen to power world markets. The accord, together with the launch of this project, signals the birth of an emerging and vibrant clean hydrogen industry in Canada.

World Energy, a carbon-net-zero solutions provider, will supply 250,000 metric tons of green hydrogen per year to global markets at the completion of its renewable hydrogen project. The joint declaration of intent was signed by Germany and Canada Aug. 23 during a hydrogen event hosted at World Energy GH2’s project site in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The project is first of its kind, bringing together global leaders who are committed to reducing carbon emissions and providing the scale necessary to expand the reach of decarbonization efforts throughout the world.

The declaration of intent targets Canadian hydrogen exports coming online by 2025. This positions the World Energy GH2 project, which targets production for 2024, to be a key contributor to the accord’s success.

“The Canada-Germany agreement on hydrogen is born out of a geopolitical and environmental imperative to accelerate the development and trade of clean energy among close, committed, democratic allies,” said Gene Gebolys, World Energy CEO. “Canada is blessed with some of the best resources in the world and is home to a quarter of the world’s fresh water. It is 25 times larger than Germany with a population half its size. We are natural partners. The time to act is now, the place to act is here.”

Jonathan Wilkinson, minister of Natural Resources Canada, said, “Canada has enormous potential as a reliable supplier of energy in a net-zero world. Our government is committed to working with our allies to ensure Canadian resources ensure clean energy security at home and around the world.”

John Risley, director of World Energy GH2, added, “Atlantic Canada is positioned to be a global leader in the production of green hydrogen but there is no time to waste. World Energy GH2 is thrilled to deliver tangible support to our friends in Europe who urgently need reliable sources of clean energy.”

Brendan Paddick, lead director of World Energy GH2, said, “As important as this project is to Canada, Germany, and the world at large, it’s critical that this initiative is of great value and pride to the communities in which it is based. As a native Newfoundlander, I am 100 percent committed to making sure it is.”

Harnessing Atlantic Canada’s vast wind energy to split water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called electrolysis, World Energy GH2 will use renewable power to produce green hydrogen, which can be used as an immediate solution to decarbonization in hard-to-abate sectors. The green hydrogen will be delivered in the form of green ammonia, which will allow the global delivery of clean, renewable power at scale.

World Energy GH2 is a subsidiary of World Energy that delivers solutions to those leading the push toward net-zero carbon transport. World Energy GH2’s Project Nujio'qonik is a consortium of Canadian partners investigating the feasibility of the construction and operation of cost-effective green hydrogen/ammonia from wind power in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Project Nujio'qonik will be Canada’s first commercial green hydrogen/ammonia producer created from 3-plus gigawatts of wind energy in one of the world’s best wind-resource regions.


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