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Signature Aviation brings SAF to Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado

Signature Aviation, the world’s largest private aviation terminal operator, has introduced a permanent supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the Eagle County Regional Airport near Vail, Colorado. The Signature Renew-branded SAF is responsible for a 25 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from jet-powered aircraft, driving an environmental benefit for the Central Rocky Mountains and beyond.

To date, Signature Aviation has supplied more than 6 million gallons of SAF following its introduction of the first permanently available source at the San Francisco International Airport in September 2020, which has resulted in tens of thousands of tons of emissions being removed from the atmosphere. Private aircraft operators can now buy SAF at the Vail Valley Jet Center, providing customers with a verified carbon reduction that meets stringent record keeping standards.

“The interest of our customers in adding SAF to their sustainability plans has been climbing, and Signature continues to make tangible moves to fulfill our commitment to lead private aviation’s advance towards an environmentally sustainable future,” said Tony Lefebvre, CEO of Signature Aviation. “With the expansion of Signature Renew SAF with our partners at the Eagle County Regional Airport, we’re not only demonstrating our commitment to the Vail community and Central Colorado, but the environment at large.”

Lefebvre added, “Private aviation’s shift towards leisure destinations in the past two years is undeniable. For Signature, being positioned to serve Colorado’s ski country through the Vail Valley Jet Center has been a tremendous opportunity to bring the benefits of our global network to our fourth location within the state. We are planning the expansion of SAF availability to nearby airports, as well as to new communities within the Rocky Mountains, and this represents the first of many sustainability initiatives we intend to bring to Vail.”

Signature Aviation’s environmental sustainability program, Signature Renew, encompasses products for operators that reduce private aircraft emissions as well as internally focused initiatives such as vehicle fleet electrification, embracing renewable energy sources such as solar panel installations, and efficiency-driven construction practices.

The SAF used is a blend of 30 percent sustainably sourced material and 70 percent traditional jet fuel, yielding a CO2 reduction of around 25 percent per gallon. The company offers SAF at three locations in the U.K. and nine on the Gulf and West coasts of the U.S.

Signature Aviation acquired the Vail Valley Jet Center in December.

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