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SGS increases biofuel-testing capabilities at Amsterdam laboratory

In the Netherlands, the Dutch Emission Authority has recently introduced a regulatory requirement to stimulate blending biogenic fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), also referred to as renewable diesel, into the fossil-based fuel stream.

Biofuels will play a crucial role in curbing carbon emissions while ensuring continued use of existing modes of transportation and fuel-supply infrastructure.

According to SGS, the takeaway is clear: Companies can no longer ignore biofuels.

That’s why SGS recently increased its biofuels-testing capabilities at its Amsterdam laboratory, the company announced Oct. 4, allowing SGS to test biofuel products in more depth to help its customers produce biofuels in a cost-effective manner and demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations.

SGS is expanding its biofuels scope of testing at the Netherlands laboratory to include testing of bioethanol, biomethanol, bioETBE and bionaphtha.

Specifically, SGS has introduced biogenic content testing on middle distillates and HVO by liquid scintillation counting (LSC), according to DIN 51637/EN 16640. The procedure is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

“Biofuels are the future of transportation,” said As Armin Vogelaar, business manager at SGS. “Indeed, the Dutch Emission Authority’s (NEa) recent regulation means that biofuel use will increase massively over the next few years. Thanks to our new testing capabilities, our Amsterdam laboratory can help organizations across all sectors to optimize their biofuels operations and demonstrate ongoing regulatory compliance.”

The company added, “Biofuels are here to stay for the long run. Organizations need to adopt a proactive, instead of a reactive, approach. They need to embrace biofuels—and partner with trusted and independent experts who can fulfill all their testing, inspection, certification, risk-management and market-intelligence requirements. This is where SGS can help.”

SGS stated it has the largest global network of certified inspectors, auditors and laboratories and provides a one-stop shop for companies worldwide that wish to successfully source biofeedstocks and produce, trade and ship advanced sustainable biofuels throughout their operations.

“Our experts are known for their technical excellence and analytical expertise, understanding the local context and most pressing challenges,” the company stated. “They serve clients from field to fuel tank, from well to wheels, providing value-added services around the globe.”



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