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Schaffer named new CEO of AGP

The board of directors for Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) has named Chris Schaffer its new CEO and general manager effective in August. Schaffer currently serves as AGP’s senior vice president of ag products and will succeed Keith Spackler, who is retiring.


Schaffer has nearly three decades of agribusiness experience. He joined AGP in 1994 as a merchandiser and served at AGP’s corporate headquarters, as well as the Sheldon and Eagle Grove, Iowa facilities. From 1997-’99, Schaffer worked for the U.S. Feed Grains Council as manager of international operations. In 1999, Schaffer rejoined AGP specializing in trading various commodities domestically and internationally. He was promoted to vice president of AGP’s ag-products division in 2012 and named senior vice president of the division in 2017. He currently serves on the boards of the National Oilseeds Processors Association and the National Grain and Feed Association.

“Chris Schaffer is an outstanding leader with a track record of success in growing commodity markets, adapting to evolution in agriculture, and achieving strong returns,” said Lowell Wilson, chairman of the AGP board of directors. “His knowledge of AGP, the cooperative system, and agricultural markets will serve him well as the company continues its mission to add value and returns for our members and their producer-owners. We are confident that under Chris’ leadership, AGP will continue to achieve growth initiatives and pursue opportunities to further serve agriculture and the cooperative system.”

A native of Lake City, Iowa, Schaffer grew up on a corn and soybean farm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Iowa State University.

“AGP has a long-standing history of success, and we look forward to building on the existing strengths, while creating and capitalizing on new opportunities,” Schaffer said. “Working with the many exceptional people in achieving success at AGP is a tremendous honor and privilege, and I look forward to working with the board, management team, and employees in continuing the growth, development, and success of this cooperative. I am proud to be a part of the cooperative system dedicated to serving agriculture.”

Omaha, Nebraska-based AGP is one of the nation’s largest cooperatives with annual sales exceeding $4 billion. Its primary operations include soybean processing and refining, and producing and marketing soybean meal, refined soybean oil and biodiesel.

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