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Scandinavian Airlines, Inter Terminals invest in SAF infrastructure

Photo: Scandinavian Airlines

Inter Terminals Sweden, in collaboration with Scandinavian Airlines, is expanding its aviation fuel facility in the Port of Gävle, Sweden, by converting tanks from conventional fossil heating-oil storage to a blending and storage facility for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 


Scandinavian Airlines has set an ambitious environmental target to fuel SAF equivalent to Scandinavian Airlines’ fuel consumption in Scandinavia by 2030.


To achieve this target, Scandinavian Airlines must significantly increase the share of SAF each year.


This investment will contribute towards that target.


The new facility will be ready for operation this summer. 


“Our demand for SAF is significant, but there is a need for investments throughout the entire value chain to enable us to transition to more sustainable flights,” said says Ann-Sofie Hörlin, the head of sustainability at Scandinavian Airlines. “That’s why it’s important for us to partner up and have a proactive approach to ensure a sufficient and efficient SAF value chain. Scandinavian Airlines use of SAF today is low in comparison to our future demand and needs to increase significantly as the usage of SAF directly correlates with lower flight emissions.”  


Johan Zettergren, Inter Terminals Sweden’s managing director, added, “With the proximity to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and well-developed logistics solutions for both vessels and rail, Inter Terminals is well positioned to contribute to the aviation industry’s goal of being climate neutral by 2050. We are delighted to implement this project together with Scandinavian Airlines.”


Port of Gävle CEO Fredrik Svanbom said, “Thanks to the initiative of ITS and Scandinavian Airlines the capacity for handling SAF in Gävle will increase further. This is warmly welcomed by the Port of Gävle and fully aligned with the port’s strategy of enabling a green transition and a sustainable logistics and energy system.”



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