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Savage forms team to lead buildout of biobased diesel infrastructure, supply chain

Updated: May 11, 2021

Savage, a global industry infrastructure and supply chain services company in business for 75 years, announced May 10 the formation of a team to lead the buildout of renewable energy assets and services. The company is already engaged with partners on multiple renewable fuel projects to purchase, source and deliver feedstock to refineries; provide engineering and construction of terminals and other assets; and evaluate ways to drive out inefficiencies and increase value across customers’ supply chains.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand for our team’s expertise and experience across our three verticals—agriculture merchandising and logistics, energy and chemical infrastructure, and environmental services—to develop renewable energy projects,” said Kirk Aubry, Savage president and CEO. “Our team has proven we can reduce inefficiencies in renewable fuels markets and create significant value for producers and consumers.”

Renewable diesel and biodiesel, areas of immediate focus for our renewable energy team, are fuels produced from nonpetroleum renewable resources such as fats, vegetable oils, waste cooking oils, crop residues, wood, garbage and other biomass materials. Renewable diesel and biodiesel can be used to meet the federal Renewable Fuel Standard and other state programs requiring a reduction in the carbon footprint of transportation fuels.

Savage’s transportation (rail, truck, marine), logistics, materials handling and DBOOM (design, build, own, operate, maintain) services can strengthen the entire supply chain for production and distribution of renewable diesel and biodiesel, including:

  • feedstock supply and marketing

  • transportation and logistics management

  • transloading

  • renewable diesel unit (RDU) site logistics and operations

  • storage and terminaling

  • facility design and construction

  • facility operation and maintenance.

“Our breadth of knowledge and experience across multiple industries makes Savage a great partner to drive the expansion of renewable fuels infrastructure and operations,” said Jason Ray, Savage executive vice president of business development and engineering. “Growing consumer demand and government policies accelerating the adoption of renewable and lower-carbon transportation fuels make this the right time for Savage to expand our involvement in improving the renewable fuels supply chains.”



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