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Restaurant Technologies recycles over 314 million pounds of UCO in 2023

Photo: Restaurant Technologies

Restaurant Technologies announced April 1 that it broke its own sustainability record by recycling and converting more than 314 million pounds of used cooking oil (UCO) into renewable diesel or biodiesel in 2023, breaking the record set in 2022 by 25 million pounds.


“The company continues to help its 40,000 customers nationwide be more sustainable and reach their ESG goals to create a cleaner, more livable planet,” Restaurant Technologies stated.


With the support of renewable energy partners such as Chevron Renewable Energy Group, Restaurant Technologies converts 100 percent of UCO collected into renewable diesel or biodiesel.


By eliminating packaging and converting UCO into renewable fuel, the company helped save about 26.7 million pounds of trash, more than 8 million cubic feet of landfill space, reduced petroleum-diesel usage by more than 40 million gallons and helped avoid more than 1 billion pounds in CO2e emissions. 


“Sustainability is at the core of Restaurant Technologies, and creating a better world for all of us to live in is a foundational part of our values,” said Diana Geseking, general counsel and chair of Restaurant Technologies’ ESG committee. “We are grateful for our renewable energy partners, and our diverse customer base across industries who share our commitment to sustainability. With their continued support, we look to build upon our success and reach new heights in the years ahead.” 


Restaurant Technologies boasts a diverse portfolio of customers in the restaurant, hotels/resorts, grocery store, convenience store, college/university, casino, golf club, and other foodservice-related businesses.


These customers include nationally recognized brands such as McDonald’s and Shake Shack, among others.


“Together, they build a more sustainable business and will continue to aspire to achieve new corporate social-responsibility heights,” Restaurant Technologies said.


To learn more about Restaurant Technologies, its 2022 ESG report or 2023 ESG update, and how it supports customers in their pursuit of a more sustainable business, click here


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