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Renewable Energy Group opens 3rd office space in Ames, Iowa

Photo: Renewable Energy Group Inc.

Renewable Energy Group Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting April 14 to celebrate the opening of the company’s newest office building in Ames, Iowa. This ribbon cutting marks the third office REG has opened since moving its headquarters to Ames in 2007.

The new office space provides 15,000 square feet that includes 60 desks, six offices and 12 meeting rooms. The building is located at 300 S. Bell Avenue, just north of REG’s main site and a block from REG’s third office. This proximity makes it easy for employees to travel from one location to the next, supporting high levels of collaboration.

“This is a terrific time for REG as we continue to see greater demand for biobased diesel across the world,” said CJ Warner, REG president and CEO. “In turn, we continue to grow our operations in order to meet that demand increase, expanding our ability to foster greater levels of decarbonization. We have seen significant growth of our team over the course of the last several years, and we are looking forward to having this new office space to accommodate our growth, both now and in the future.”

REG has a rich history in Ames dating back to the company’s move in 2007. Since that time, its global headcount has grown by more than 1,000 employees and has continued to develop strong ties with the community and Iowa State University.

“REG continues to be a model corporate citizen here in the Ames region and this investment underscores their commitment to their people and the community,” said Dan Culhane, president and CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce. “The Ames Chamber of Commerce never takes for granted that companies have choices on where they spend their resources. We are elated that REG continues to invest in their headquarters location here in Ames.”

Renewable Energy Group has nearly 350 employees located in Ames, working between the three spaces.

1 comment

1 Comment

Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Aug 22, 2023

Renewable Energy Group's expansion with a 3rd office space in Ames, Iowa, reflects their commitment to sustainable growth. This move not only underscores their dedication to renewable energy but also their understanding of the importance of strategic office setups. Collaborating with experts like CBS Edge in office design and management ensures spaces that foster innovation and collaboration.

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