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Renewable diesel performance unhindered by New York City’s recent cold snap

Approved Oil Co., a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, announced Jan. 24 the successful performance of its renewable diesel in freezing temperatures.


As New York City experienced some of its coldest weather in recent memory, Approved Oil said its renewable diesel proved its resilience, showcasing that it is more than capable of meeting the demands of the most extreme climates.


The company said this achievement reinforced its dedication to providing sustainable energy solutions that not only reduce emissions, but also ensure reliable performance—no matter the weather.

Chris Fazio, the executive vice president of Approved Oil, expressed his satisfaction with the overwhelmingly positive feedback and results.


He said he believes that this success will eliminate any uncertainties among fleet managers across the nation that may have concerns about the performance and reliability of renewable diesel—especially those operating in colder regions.

Even in the face of extreme cold, renewable diesel offers a reliable and ecofriendly solution for fleets in regions susceptible to harsh winter weather.


This accomplishment signifies a significant step forward in promoting sustainable energy choices within the transportation sector.


As winter temperatures continue to challenge fleet operations, Approved Oil said it stands ready to support and supply the energy needs of fleets nationwide.


“The success of renewable diesel in New York City serves as a testament to its reliability and resilience, making it a viable choice for all fleet managers seeking an environmentally friendly and dependable fuel source,” the company stated.

In late November, New York City announced its transition to 100 percent renewable fuel (95 percent renewable diesel and 5 percent biodiesel) in its heavy-duty fleet.


Approved Oil won the bid to supply the city with renewable diesel.



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