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REG to expand distribution of biobased diesel through partnership with CFN, Pacific Pride

Global biobased diesel producer and supplier Renewable Energy Group Inc. has entered into strategic collaboration agreements with CFN and Pacific Pride, two of North America’s largest cardlock fueling networks, to provide cleaner fuels through their branded cardlock networks. Partnering REG’s portfolio of biobased diesel with CFN and Pacific Pride’s vast network of cardlocks will allow the companies to play a critical role in furthering the utilization of cleaner fuels by fleets across North America.

REG’s biobased diesel is easy to adopt and immediately begins reducing fossil carbon emissions. Under the new arrangement, REG’s UltraClean BlenD™, a proprietary blend of biodiesel and renewable diesel, and other fuels from REG’s EnDura Fuels™ product line, will be available to customers via CFN and Pacific Pride’s cardlock network. CFN and Pacific Pride operate cardlocks in a number of regions across the U.S. and Canada.

“We continue to provide our marketers with the tools and products they need to adapt to a changing marketplace,” said Eric Lind, president of CFN and Pacific Pride. “Our alliance with Renewable Energy Group will position our networks for the future by ensuring we have the products available to meet the needs of the growing biofuels market.”

For REG, this opens up new customer opportunities through a larger geographic footprint, and allows the business to provide biobased diesel directly to end users. The businesses are committed to continuing to provide customers with the quality and service they expect, with an expanded offering of cleaner fuel options.

“This collaboration exemplifies what we want to do at REG—work with industry-leading companies and help guide customers during the energy transition by enabling them with access to clean fuel alternatives,” said Bob Kenyon, senior vice president of sales and marketing at REG. “Our cleaner fuels and customer service are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today and offer a plug-and-play solution for most fleets across North America.”

The organizations hope to begin expanding availability of biobased diesel later this year, initially focused on cardlocks on the West Coast. Renewable Energy Group’s technical-services team will support the implementation, ensuring customers are receiving the best products for their region and season.


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