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Preem’s Gothenburg refinery increases renewable diesel production by 40 percent

Photo: Preem AB

Following a redevelopment of Preem’s “Green Hydro Treater” plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, the plant’s production capacity of renewable diesel is increased by 40 percent. And for the first time, the GHT plant is able to produce 100 percent renewable products.

“The redevelopment means that Preem has increased its domestic production of biofuels and, at the same time, we contribute to the ongoing shift from fossil fuels to renewable,” said Magnus Heimburg, CEO of Preem. “Since starting this journey 10 years ago, we have learned a great deal. We take this knowledge with us as we continue the renewable restructuring of our refineries.”

Focus on renewable fuels is a cornerstone of Preem’s business strategy and the redevelopment is another step toward the company's goal of producing 5 million cubic meters of renewable fuels by 2030.

“By increasing the production of renewable fuels, Preem contributes to achieving Sweden’s climate goals,” Heimburg added. “Our goal of producing 5 million cubic meters by 2030 means that we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12.5 million [metric] tons, which corresponds to 20 percent of Sweden’s total emissions.”

The GHT plant Gothenburg can now handle 100 percent renewable raw materials. It sources a variety of sustainable renewable raw materials, including raw tall oil diesel from SunPine, residues from the food industry and recycled frying oil.

Preem is Sweden’s largest fuel company with two refineries and 570 fueling stations.



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