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Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Hikianalia fuels with biodiesel

Pacific Biodiesel Oahu Plant Manager Brian Leighton, seen here in the truck, delivered fuel to the Hikianalia during an earlier stop on Oahu. (Photo: Pacific Biodiesel)

Voyaging canoes Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia safely returned home to Oahu June 16 from their two-month Kealaikahiki Voyage to and from Hawaii's ancestral homeland of Tahiti, after multiple high-level ceremonies and engagements there with environmental and voyaging leadership from around the world.

Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Bob Perkins received an “Ocean Friendly Biodiesel” flag for Hikianalia from Pacific Biodiesel’s Brian Leighton last year on World Oceans Day. (Photo: Pacific Biodiesel)

According to Polynesian Voyaging Society, the Kealaikahiki Voyage “focused on training the next generation of voyagers, honoring the relationship between Hawaiʻi and Tahiti, and starting initiatives to build Pacific connections in preparation for next year’s Moananuiākea Voyage.”

During this important voyage, Hikianalia, the sister canoe to Hōkūleʻa, was fueled with 100 percent biodiesel produced in Hawaii by Pacific Biodiesel.

“As Hōkūleʻa's escort vessel, Hikianalia requires adequate power to meet our safety requirements at sea,” said Nainoa Thompson, CEO of Polynesian Voyaging Society. “We feel fortunate to have Pacific Biodiesel here in Hawaiʻi to provide a renewable fuel alternative for our canoe that is clean and safe for our oceans.”

Pacific Biodiesel R&D Manager Doug Olds onboard the Hikianalia with Senior Captain/First Mate Bob Perkins and crew member Amanda Millin from Polynesian Voyaging Society. (Photo: Pacific Biodiesel)

The canoe has been fueling with biodiesel since 2021.

“It was an honor for our team to supply our locally made, clean biodiesel for Hikianalia,” said Brian Leighton, Pacific Biodiesel”s Oahu plant manager. “Our nontoxic, biodegradable fuel is ideal for use on the ocean, and it supports their mission of Mālama Honua to care for our Island Earth.”

To learn more about Polynesian Voyaging Society and hear stories from its crew about the Kealaikahiki Voyage, click here.

This virtual “Third Canoe” website was recently launched by the Polynesian Voyaging Society to allow “audiences to virtually follow the canoes’ journey through a voyaging dashboard, video stories, articles and educational resources.”

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