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  • Advanced Fuel Solutions Inc.

Ostrow joins growing AFS team to manage New York territory

Leading East Coast fuel-additive supplier Advanced Fuel Solutions Inc. has announced the hiring of Tom Ostrow to oversee the continued growth and management of its expanding New York customer base.

Ostrow brings more than 20 years of experience in industrial sales to AFS.


Most recently, at Safety-Kleen Inc., Ostrow provided used oil collection services and re-refined oil products to more than 350 customer accounts across Pennsylvania.

Ostrow’s demonstrated ability to earn the trust of customers as an invaluable partner in their businesses meets the high standard of service that AFS is known for, according to AFS President Paul Nazzaro.

“Tom’s expertise in handling and recycling used oils and in building chemical profiles for diverse waste streams will serve as a unique asset to AFS and the customers we serve,” Nazzaro said.

“Beyond that, Tom’s proven ability to attract and retain customers with his steadfast commitment to excellence aligns with everything we stand for at AFS,” Nazzaro added.

Established in 1994, AFS has forged strategic relationships with business partners at every level of the liquid-fuels supply chain.

Recognized as an industry “disruptor,” AFS has positioned itself to lead carbon-based markets to net zero through the implementation of low-carbon fuels such as biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

AFS has been at the forefront of these changes and has earned national recognition as a market leader in the fuel and fuel-additive sectors.

AFS continues to lead the industry in formulating proprietary high-performance fuel-additive packages designed to improve the performance of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, marine fuels, and home-heating oil for bulk-fuel terminals, wholesalers, diesel and heating-oil distributors, fuel-quality service companies, trucking fleets, and marinas.



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