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OMV, AEG Fuels market on-demand quantity of sustainable aviation fuel at Vienna airport

OMV and Associated Energy Group LLC (AEG Fuels) are working together to distribute regional sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced by OMV in Austria. The two companies have agreed to market an on-demand quantity of SAF in 2022, allowing end users, mainly from the general aviation segment, to access the product as an alternative to conventional jet fuel at Vienna International Airport.

The sustainable fuel is produced at the OMV Schwechat Refinery by coprocessing regional used cooking oil provided by Austria-based collector Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH in the fuel-production process. This approach makes the entire production chain as regional as possible and keeps transport routes to a minimum. Compared to conventional kerosene, SAF contributes to a CO2 reduction of more than 80 percent over the entire lifecycle. In technical terms, one key advantage of SAF is that existing infrastructure can be used for storage and refueling.

AEG Fuels has committed to purchasing the product and distributing the supply to aircraft end users via AEG’s numerous sales and marketing channels, including term supply contracts, ad hoc demands via AEG’s 24/7 dispatch, instantaneous refueling authorizations via AEG’s web-based fuel-management platform, and with AEG’s mobile application. With OMV’s direct pipeline to Vienna International Airport, SAF will be available for refueling end users as needed. AEG will make accessing SAF as simple as possible for aircraft operators while OMV supports robust proof of traceability, compliance, and product certification via ISCC PLUS and EU RED sustainability criteria.

“With AEG Fuels we have a strong sales partner at Vienna International Airport and can thus significantly increase the availability of OMV’s sustainable aviation fuel for end customers,” said Josef Rath, an OMV executive. “I am convinced that the replacement of fossil kerosene with fuels made from renewable raw materials is an indispensable strong lever to promote CO2-neutral flying. With tailor-made sustainable aviation fuel solutions for our customers, we want to make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the aviation industry.”

Daria Napolskikh, director of European supply at AEG Fuels, added, “AEG is committed to playing an active part in reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. We are proud to partner with OMV to make the limited supply of their responsibly produced SAF available to our customers. Our closely coordinated collaboration delivers an immediate and straightforward solution for operators to cut their carbon emissions. By improving SAF availability, we are simplifying our customers’ pathways to achieving their sustainability goals. We are excited to provide the aviation industry with decarbonization tools through our partnership with OMV in 2022 and beyond.”

The aviation industry is working intensively on enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. AEG is working with customers to streamline access to SAF and share corresponding sustainability commitments with refiners in order to bridge the gaps in SAF supply, demand and price. OMV sees SAF as an important addition to its future jet-fuel range alongside conventional kerosene.



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