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Nuseed expands carinata, canola contract programs for 2024 planting

Photo: Nuseed

Nuseed announced Feb. 29 the broad expansion of its rapidly growing carinata and omega-3 canola production system contract programs for 2024 planting.   


Nuseed’s carinata, what the company says is “a game-changing winter-crop program” introduced in 2022 to a limited set of growers, has now blossomed, according to Nuseed, reaching widespread availability across the Southern U.S for the upcoming season.


With Nuseed’s carinata program, growers optimize their total productivity per acre through value-added, direct contracts with Nuseed while promoting sustainable farming-production practices across the land they already farm today.  


By integrating Nuseed’s carinata into their crop plan and breaking their rotation cycle with the hardy, high-biomass, deep-rooted cover crop, the company said growers can expect enriched soil health and improved agronomic conditions, helping unlock the full potential of their primary crop.


In addition to these on-farm benefits, growers will receive compensation for their sustainable production of Nuseed’s carinata during the off season, further incentivizing environmentally conscious farming practices.


This innovative approach underscores Nuseed’s commitment to sustainability and supports the advancement of regenerative agriculture in the Southern U.S. region.  


Following years of on-farm research and local trials, the broad commercialization of Nuseed’s carinata marks a significant achievement not only for Nuseed but for the agriculture industry as a whole, the company stated. 


Nuseed’s carinata is a resilient oilseed that is independently certified as a sustainable, nonfood contracted cover crop.


According to Nuseed, its unique profile makes it a highly desired bioenergy feedstock that is converted into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and presents an exciting, sustainable market opportunity.  


“Our commitment to bringing new, novel value-added seed solutions to North American farmers is bolstered by the expansion of our Nuseed carinata and omega-3 canola production system programs,” said Roger Rotariu, Nuseed’s marketing lead in North America. “We are empowering growers to maximize their total productivity per acre while contributing to a more sustainable future.” 


Nuseed’s omega-3 canola-production system offers both profit and performance for farmers, according to the company.


“This system is revolutionizing how plant-based solutions interact with other segments of the agriculture industry,” Nuseed stated. “The Omega-3 canola-production system provides the only land-based, sustainable healthy source of omega-3 oil for aquafeed and human nutrition, while supporting both land and ocean sustainability. With this breakthrough innovation, growers can profit in a market driven by growing consumer demand.”


Nuseed said its expertise in developing innovative and sustainable seed solutions has positioned the company as a leader in farmer-to-consumer value chains.


“The strategic commercial expansion of Nuseed’s carinata represents another visionary milestone in the company’s commitment to shaping the future of farming,” Nuseed stated.


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