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Nexus Dev launches $20 million development capital investment vehicle

Nexus Dev announced a $20 million investment vehicle made possible by its partnership with Nexus PMG and a strategic investor. Aligning with Nexus PMG’s focus on providing advisory and project development services to low-carbon infrastructure projects, Nexus Dev is solely dedicated to providing project development capital to renewable and circular economy assets.

Strategically, Nexus Dev leverages the Nexus PMG team’s diversified sustainable infrastructure project development, engineering, and operations experience for a bespoke approach to assessing and mitigating investment risk.

Josh Kaufman, president of Nexus Dev, explained the gap that prevents many infrastructure projects from obtaining financing. “There are many developers who hear about the dry-powder that investors have, but can’t seem to access it,” Kaufman said. “We aim to provide the capital, services and expertise developers need in order to complete project development. We want to help developers create de-risked and bankable projects, then assist them to source the best permanent capital option among an expanded investor universe. And we’re able to invest in sectors like biogas, renewable diesel, and wood pellets because of the expertise at Nexus PMG.”

He also emphasized that utilizing the Nexus PMG suite of services is not a requirement to be eligible for Nexus Dev funds, but the opportunity is there.

“We’re doing everything in our power to build a better world and move the needle when it comes to reducing the impacts of climate change,” said Ben Hubbard, Nexus PMG CEO and Nexus Dev board member. “We see this as an opportunity to put money behind these necessary endeavors to reduce infrastructure’s carbon intensity.”

Projects may be submitted for consideration through the project questionnaire form on the Nexus Dev website.

The Nexus PMG and Nexus Dev integrated business lines provide end-to-end services within each targeted sector including development, preliminary engineering, contract structuring, EPC, commissioning and startup, operational readiness, and process improvement.

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