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New Net-Zero Hero™ marketing campaign promotes Bioheat® fuel for New York State Energy Coalition

Consumers and community leaders will be urged to “Be a Net-Zero Hero™” in the New York State Energy Coalition’s new marketing campaign beginning Sept. 5 and running through April 2022.

The new campaign highlights Bioheat® fuel’s path to a net-zero carbon future, as “The Renewable Home Heating Fuel” that promotes cleaner air … is better for our planet … is better for the environment … supports American jobs … helps lower emissions … offers energy independence … is better for the Earth … is clean and safe, and is “Delivered Now!”

“New York Bioheat® fuel companies and their customers are net-zero heroes,” said Rocco Lacertosa, NYSEC president. “New Yorkers are already on a path to net-zero carbon and may not even realize it. We are proud to show the community that we are part of the solution to climate change, and able to lower carbon emissions right now.”

The “Be a Net-Zero Hero™” marketing campaign will deliver more than 70 million impressions and includes digital advertising on,,, and; digital and printed billboards on LIRR and subway platforms including Penn Station, Barclay’s Center, Ronkonkoma Station, Jamaica Station, Yankee Stadium and others; and exterior signs on buses traveling routes throughout the downstate region. All marketing directs the viewers to

Stretching over eight-months, the marketing plan was developed and executed by PriMedia, and is being underwritten by NYSEC and the National Oilheat Research Alliance.

As the voice of the Bioheat® fuel industry representing full-service fuel dealers and auxiliary industries in New York City, Long Island and Westchester, NYSEC is committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality renewable liquid heating fuels, equipment and services to consumers and businesses throughout the downstate region.



lekor adams
lekor adams
Dec 14, 2023

The Net-Zero Hero™ marketing campaign, fueled by the strategic partnership with a digital marketing agency, stands as a beacon in promoting sustainable energy solutions. This collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing in driving awareness, engagement, and advocacy for eco-friendly alternatives, propelling the Net-Zero Hero™ campaign to the forefront of the green energy revolution.


Aug 10, 2023

With the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels, campaigns like these not only raise awareness but also provide tangible solutions for consumers looking to make eco-friendly energy choices. Interestingly, in a digital age where everything is connected, it's akin to setting up an SMTP server: It's about transmitting the right message efficiently and making sure it reaches the target audience without any hindrance. In this case, the message is clear - sustainable energy choices are not just feasible; they're essential for our future. Kudos to the coalition for taking such a progressive step forward!

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