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  • The New Mexico Environment Department

New Mexico Senate passes Clean Transportation Fuel Standard, bill headed to governor’s desk for signing

The New Mexico Senate passed historic legislation Feb. 13 aimed at decreasing toxic greenhouse-gas emissions across the state.


The Clean Transportation Fuel Standard, HB 41, now heads to the governor’s desk, where Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is expected to sign the legislation into law.


“After four years of working on this legislation, New Mexico is ready for clean fuels,” said Sydney Lienemann, the deputy cabinet secretary for the state environment department. “Clean fuels will bring good paying jobs to all corners of our state while reducing air pollution and incentivizing new technologies for transportation.”


Michelle Miano, the environment protection division director, said, “New Mexicans deserve to reap the economic benefits of the nation’s growing clean-energy economy and health benefits of breathing clean air in their daily lives. We wouldn’t have gotten here without the tireless efforts of our sponsors, Reps. Ortez, Chandler, Lara and Sen. Stewart, and all who helped inform how to make this legislation work for all New Mexicans.”


Passage of the legislation would not have been possible without the contributions of community, consumer advocacy and environmental organizations, as well as utilities, businesses and various chambers of commerce.


“I appreciate the expertise that our stakeholders throughout New Mexico brought to the table for successful passage of this bill,” said Claudia Borchert, the climate bureau chief. “I look forward to working with the diverse members of the advisory council to draft rules that grow our clean-energy economy and improve health outcomes for New Mexicans.”


The Clean Fuel Standard will help decrease greenhouse-gas emissions, along with the added benefit of decreasing copollutants that harm human health.


Under the program, producers and importers of low-carbon fuels generate credits to sell in the market.


Producers and importers of high-carbon fuels must purchase clean-fuel credits for their fuels to be used in the state.


For more information on the legislation, including the bill text, committee reports and analysis, click here.



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