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New Leaf Biofuel, MHX renewable fuel terminal in Fontana, California, more than 50% complete

Tankage being erected this summer at the New Leaf Biofuel and MHX renewable fuel terminal in Fontana, California (Photo: New Leaf Biofuel)

New Leaf Biofuel and MHX announced in late August that their renewable fuel terminal project in Fontana, California, is more than 50 percent complete.

The project broke ground in March and is on track for completion by the end of the year.

The fuel terminal, once fully operational, will include liquid storage for renewable diesel and biodiesel and a new loading rack for ethanol, increasing the annual throughput capacity of the terminal to over 100 million gallons per year.

This ambitious initiative, aimed at bringing increased capacity and efficiency to the region’s renewable fuel supply chain, has now made “substantial progress,” according to the two companies.

“We’re delighted to be halfway through the development of this project that will increase the availability of renewable fuels to the region," said Jennifer Case, president of New Leaf Biofuel.

The project has been financed in part with grants from the California Energy Commission and the USDA’s Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program, “demonstrating a united front in the fight against climate change,” the organizations stated.

“As one of the leading fuel consumers in the U.S., California is setting an example in climate policy,” said Brooke Smith, president of MHX. “This project is a testament to our state’s commitment to reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and we are proud to be contributing to this initiative.”

New Leaf Biofuel started its business back in 2006 with the mission of turning used cooking oil from Southern California restaurants into biodiesel.

New Leaf stated it is proud to have expanded its business by partnering with MHX, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Pacific Railroad.

The fuel terminal is dual served by Union Pacific and BNSF.


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