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Neste opens 2 more renewable diesel fueling stations in California

Updated: May 11

Neste Corp. has opened two more new Neste MY Renewable Diesel fueling stations in California. The new stations are operated by Neste’s authorized distributors Diesel Direct and Van de Pol. They are located at 12210 Industry Road in Lakeside and 2816 West Capital Avenue in West Sacramento. The stations are open 24/7 and are strategically located near major commercial freight routes, designed to accommodate commercial fleet vehicles of all sizes. The company’s ambition is to create a renewable diesel fueling network across the U.S. West Coast.

renewable diesel, biobased diesel fuel station

“Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a triple win for any fleet operator with vehicles on the road in California,” said Carrie Song, Neste’s vice president of renewable road transportation in North America. “It cuts greenhouse gas emissions, can give you a competitive edge when bidding on contracts with customers that have set bold climate goals, and will help future-proof your fleet as new regulations limiting tailpipe emissions come into effect.”

Neste has created a resource page to help fleet operators quickly find a nearby Neste fueling station and a certified Neste MY Renewable Diesel distributor.

Neste is working with partners to establish a “green fuel hub” in California, ensuring a continuous, secure supply of Neste MY Renewable Diesel. To date, Neste has provided more than 1.5 billion gallons of renewable diesel to California businesses and cities, delivering the same climate benefits as building about 2,500 wind turbines or planting 202 million trees.

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