• Ron Kotrba

Neste begins major turnaround at Porvoo refinery in Finland

Photo: Neste Corp.

Every five years, Neste Corp. performs a major turnaround at its Porvoo refinery in Finland, a process wherein the facility shuts down for important maintenance, inspections and improvements. A major turnaround was scheduled in spring 2020 but due to the global pandemic, only the most critical maintenance work was completed.

More than a year later, after thorough planning work, the refinery is executing a major turnaround beginning April 5. The process will last 12 weeks.

During this 12-week period, the refinery will undergo regulatory inspections, maintenance work and selected asset improvement initiatives. The total investment of the Porvoo refinery major turnaround is estimated to be around 330 million euros and include asset, automation and electrification renewals.

According to Jori Sahlsten, vice president of production and oil products, the major turnaround will affect both fossil and renewable production.

“The turnaround is not affecting the product deliveries to Neste’s customers,” Sahlsten said. “Products will be manufactured in advance and stored to secure sales and distribution.”

The Neste harbor and distribution terminal in Porvoo are operating normally during the major turnaround.

Neste expects normal operations to resume by end of June.

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